bordeaux-1351662_960_720The woman was leaving the vet with her young son clutching her deceased dog’s collar as I was coming in the door for Gracie’s CBC report. The powerful pain this woman and young son was feeling was enormous and as I placed my hand on her arm giving her a little squeeze, she grabbed me sobbing uncontrollable.

We walked out to her car and she told me how Bella had saved her life a few times when her husband left her while she was pregnant with her son. She talked about how she would curl up next to her in bed and lay her head on her stomach, just to let her know how much she loved her and her unborn son. This gave her so much comfort and courage to move forward alone in her plight.

When her son was born, Bella was a built in babysitter while she was growing her home-based graphic business during the day and was always there for her on the lonely nights.  This dog was her angel in every way, even when she was worried about her debt, Bella had a way to make her feel blessed when she looked around and those beautiful brown eyes shined and that special silly grin she gave her when she had no one to talk about her troubles. She said it was hard to explain but every time she would start to worry about money, Bella just seemed to take it away, giving her the assurance she was special with a simple kiss on her hand. The story was so compelling of a dog holding her and her son’s life together like glue and bringing security and love to them in such a comforting way.

She asked me if I believed God brought this dog in her life to be her angel, a helper to show her how important it is to love even when you are feeling unloved. My answer was a big resounding YES, we are blessed with God’s creatures that are assisting us on a daily basis.

These lovely creatures are health helpers used for all who are in need of a miracle, delivering the correct amount of healing energy to take away the fears you are holding at the right time. They know exactly what to do in the right time of need for you. They accept you as you are and exude gratefulness and love with no boundaries, a trait that humans will learn from their canine friend.

They have the capability to absorb any negative energies to help you heal mentally, emotionally and psychically. The awareness of this pure love they are sharing with you creates a bond like no other in your life.

A bad day, hunger or illness they may suffer in their lives will always bring the gift of a kiss and those bright eyes focusing sending a message of their desire to be a angel in your life every day.