Excerpt from Invisible Helpers

Late one evening a voice spoke to me with kindness and authority to pick up a pen and get a pad of paper, and Heart to Hand was born. Tired from the first 60 pages quickly written, I set it aside for bedtime not knowing what had just been gifted to me. When it came time to transcribe this material, I realized the beauty and wisdom I held in my hands was from my wonderful, astral friend Peter and other non-physical beings that have been chosen to share their energies of awareness and love with those who are looking for a journey of their own.

This world is yearning for information and confirmation that someone or something is taking the time to help us listen and hear. Many of us are looking for validation of another way of living and are willing to push through the static we may get regarding that desire. When Heart to Hand started coming into being, I was asked to bring it to the masses and here we are.

* * * * *

There are invisible messages of glorious information that abound on your Earth for all to receive as comfort as well as education; they can help any human willing to accept and trust at this time. These invisible messages make information available for the taking and are part of your growth and enlightenment. Having an inner voice that is constantly available to you is to live in the moment, listening to the inner questions you are processing at all times, hearing the answers, and acting on what is necessary.

There is a message born with every breath that is drawn in and released. Understand that from this wonderful ebb and flow of messages many will go by without any takers. We do not impose on any human to choose all the assistance that is placed in your energy field; we are only here to encourage mental mindfulness that you will be open to it at the time. Nor do we address what shall be used or let go, that is strictly your choice. Understand that being in the moment you can listen and receive the messages you are then to expand your own mind with. You may experience the messages as they flow into your moment of time without any knowledge or desire of where they came from, just to experience.

It is to be understood that the brain is constantly striving to open many of its unused cells to allow the incoming data to make connections you can use if needed or wanted at that very moment. Much of this information seems to be just mindful chatter to you. How many times have you been driving along in your car and said to yourself “I should change lanes now,” but you chose not to act on this information and soon found yourself stuck in traffic. Then out loud you said “I should have made that lane change.” That was when you were remembering, right?

When in silence you can expect to feel emotions that are infused within the words. If there is a very strong emotion or a cycle of thoughts around the information, then you must act accordingly. It should be said that all messages have merit but they are only meant for you at that time. You may stop and listen for more and if that is all you receive, that is your meat for the day, your thoughts to ponder and should you feel the desire, then act upon them with certainty that you have received all you need for this time. The messages can be more than heard and felt; you may choose at that very moment of receiving to view something that comes to the eye, which may be a memory from your current life or a past life.

Many messages have very important information for you to understand, which at sometimes is very clear and other times appears to be cryptic. Some will offer you direction and love while others will pass ideas and direction. There is much heavenly guidance that is present to assist you in moving through your life path in a newfound way without fear, helping you to see ahead. You can have messages that offer caution of things coming ahead for you and it should be understood they are not always dire warnings of danger. This shall be the time to listen and should you have any feelings of distrust for a message, then stop and ask to have only the messenger of God’s light in your presence with directions that shall be active for the highest and best use of your soul. And then really listen with undivided attention for the divine answer you will receive.

The messages will come to you to assist you with your emotions at your time of need, often with words of calmness, reflections on your own life, and small journeys where your thoughts take you. This should be understood as a teaching moment for any human to live in the moment. Without the balance of energy and calmness, no thoughts have meaning.

It is not our desire for you to pull into a memory bank each message and act on it later. Better to accept that these beautiful words are chosen for the exact moment of silence you are experiencing at that time – words to empower you right then and you will let go of what is not needed in that moment. Please know we and many others are messengers who are willing to help you understand the value of this mindful information; it is just up to you to desire it and make a decision to activate our help by being open to receive.