A Natural Born Medium Psychic

All psychic intuitives receive in different ways. Just as all clairvoyants do not see the same symbols and pictures, nor do all mediums receive the same messages from the other side either. We all have an inner knowing that is attuned to our energy fields and our vibrations are engaged on the level of growth we have each attained in this lifetime.

I can remember that as a child I had the ability to know when things were going to happen to people and if I was liked by my childhood friends. Since I had no one to validate or explain these bizarre experiences, I quickly put them away as best as I could. Needless to say, I sure had a lot of questions, but I quickly understood as a good Southern girl that I could not share this with my family.

There were the misty figures flying by in the corner of my eye and the occasional color that would appear and leave with a large popping sound. There was so much going on that I wondered if this world I was seeing was just a game I chose to play, since I had preferred life as a loner. Finally, I was able to shove this life in the closet for quite some time.

Life moved on and I found myself sitting at a stoplight in Phoenix one very hot day, wondering why God wasn’t answering my whining call to change my life. “How could my life be so lousy?” I asked.

Well, he answered me at that very moment! A young man, maybe 19 years old, missing a leg, struggling across the street on worn-out crutches, looked up and smiled at me and then a very large voice screamed into my right ear “HOW HARD DO YOU HAVE IT? YOU HAVE YOUR FREE WILL, DON’T YOU?”

I just about ran the light, I was so shaken; so I pulled over and just sat there. I called out to this very large voice and demanded to know who he was, thinking the whole time, it was just my own voice! He spoke again, this time coming across in a nurturing, kind, loving energy, letting me know we would talk again. “Be safe,” were his parting words. I was so shocked and excited, I could hardly contain myself all the way home.

Peter has been with me ever since; I have chosen to test him many times and I find myself so very loved, protected, and blessed with his presence.
A few years ago, I started to receive channeled messages through automatic writing. Certainly, this information is very different from my day-to-day readings. Recently, Peter has asked me to share some of the channeling I have received over time.

There is no order to these messages. They were selected by the energy attached to the pages. I have come to learn many times over, if you are reading this page, then it has some special insight for you.

The following messages are written as channeled and without substantive text adjustments.


Inspirational Channeling

Inspirational Channeling     IT IS NOT that you must spend time in contemplation, because you already are. The cells are receiving from the brain with every breath you take in. You have something to say to the body all of the time. Every cell has a voice, you control the conversation, and it is a comfort for the soul to feel the day’s emotions.

Your actions also play a part in this mighty mechanical being. If you have a bad day in your thoughts, the body will send this negativity all over and it will find a home in the tissue with the lowest amount of energy. Happiness and contentment can be the right medicine for these weaker cells. It is up to you to make the choice to bring the body and the mind into the balanced place called love. This is the universal food for all life on this Earth.

Even the animals can have a bad day. It would be good for you to connect with the animal life, whether it is a butterfly, bird, stray cat or dog. You will find they love to have the sun beaming down on their bodies and raise their heads to feel its warmth. It is their gift from the universe offering a feeling of contentment even if food or love is not available. They watch as a leaf falls from a tree and sometimes run to play with it. Much as man should consider spending some time to watch a leaf that falls from a tree and using the mind to walk into the universe and receive the power it gifts to understand the soul.

Thank you for coming tonight; it is an honor for these energies to reach the souls intended.

Blessings to you,


Inspirational Channeling     LOVE WILL FLOWER from your soul in the lightness of knowledge, being in choice, one of will. There are many ways to walk; pureness is to be in peace and understanding of oneness.

Your growth is not meant to be comfortable all the time. The true knowledge and understanding of awareness will come from the clouds that you create. It is glorious for the soul to see how important it is to feel pain. The true understanding of the soul and its connection is in experiencing the power of knowing. Your choice to grow and connect to others of this universe will allow you to move forward and not remain in the past.

Many paths are placed in your journey and your free will shall open the doors. It is not for any of you to know the direction at once. The universe will be there to assist when called upon. Be aware of your choices and stand in the direction of the heart. The ears will hear the words for the brain that shall give you the growth of compassion within the heart.

Judgment is a choice for non-growth in the soul. This decision shall stifle any energy to emit a vision for others to connect with you. Negativity is a force that will attach layers of misunderstanding and disguise the ego’s incorrect knowledge so it is just the opposite of what is true. Find a quiet place to sit and feel the energies in your space. You are in control of the attachments.

Learn to vision the purest that is deserving in your soul.

Blessings to you,

Inspirational Channeling     WE ARE DIVINE BEINGS of your universe. We give all of our messages through our energies to you and for you to learn a new way to communicate with us. It is not for you to ponder our method but to listen to these inner words that come to you at this time. Do not worry that you have not understood the meaning as you acquire our words; they will be defined in your time with us.

We are messengers of light, willing to help open your hearts for joyous communication. Everyone is chosen for this direction, although it is sometimes postponed to a later date when all is not so cluttered in your life.

Messages are simple to understand and carry out. Look around, listen, and understand we are with you at all times. It is not our decision to interfere with your chosen path, but to help guide you at the correct time. Your needs are based upon your desire to grow and have faith rise within you. The light has so much to offer people on your planet and we are aware it is difficult to acquire all of it at one time.

It is our choice to come to share our words and wisdom when you are ready and open to receive. It is also a chosen time for all to grow not by our desires, but to treat this time as something special. You will come to understand the need to write each day. What comes out will not always be from us, but your higher self that is evolving by the faith of this truth you come to know.

Love yourself and you shall receive a healing and know your heart will grow from simple gestures of kindness to all who call this Earth home.
Try not to come into a space of fear in choosing your destiny at this time, which is for learning and growth in your faith. You will find this journey a new mindful path for you to share with those reaching their same realization of growth.

It shall make you a better person to yourself, and this shall be a mirror for those who come into your space at this time. Equal are you all, yet on different chosen pathways. Many shall experience doubt and fear but learn to let them go and walk into the light. This shall be a comfort for all who choose to join this walk you are to take.

We will share later and please do not feel doubts in your connection with the beings of light. You are loved and protected with all of the love of these universal energies. This new way to communicate shall be kept and cherished. The word “truth” is your growth.

Blessings to you,

Inspirational Channeling     IT IS FOR YOU to know how much we love you. In this time of choices, it shall be the right time for you to lift up and view the world in a lighter way. To worry about your next move and how you got here today is a waste of your time. To move forward means to walk the first step. When you choose to sit and ponder the negative, you shall reap the same coming to you from many directions.

You should come to the beauty of the day with a warm heart of love for this wonderful time you have been given. It is the soul’s purpose to walk a path, accepting changes with grace.

Love for your fellow man is of great importance. If you use this high form of patience, it will honor the faith we are here to share, as feelings and emotions. It is not up to you to force this on any soul, but to be aware of the ones who are ready and in need of this validation of light work for which you are preparing.

Sit and ponder your feelings that are coming through for you. It is a field of energy so pure, you may have a hard time feeling the correct level for yourself. Again, have faith that we know the correct level you need to be given. It is the body’s way of receiving a healing at this time. It is not necessary for you to sit for hours to receive, as we are able to change many levels of energy for the body in a flash.

Do not worry about lights that appear to blink and shall never come into your focus; they have appeared on the level you are growing into. The distinct patterns are not ready to form and give you the whole story you think we are creating. The time will come for you to have a much more dramatic clarity of knowing and the proper time to share this teaching with others shall show itself when ready.

This teaching is just for you to create the correct level of trust in the world of souls. Honor your knowledge.

Blessings to you,

Inspirational Channeling     SLOW DOWN and become aware of your actions and you will receive the gift of understanding the body with support of a healthy environment. With practice, this too shall be a learned way of living. It is to be realized over a short period of time; you can be responsible for the creation of a large pod of love for all mankind.

As you serve yourself with kindness you will emit an understanding of the need for giving the same. Man can reach a higher level in awareness through this small start.

To fight and grumble is to lose control of your freedom to love others; it is a contagious energy that can only be changed by man, not by law. It is your choice to take a position for partnering in a better universe for all. To waste good thoughts and give into anger can only increase stronger negativity for everyone.

Blessings to you,