Clairvoyance Used in Psychic Readings

I am a clairvoyant psychic using the gifts of visual images, signs and symbols for your reading. I have used this form of Psychic ability for over 30 years.

I have been a psychic since a young age and through the years I have been blessed to be clairvoyant, seeing with pictures of situations that may be around you presently, your future and past. This form of psychic ability can give a clearer picture of your life and what may happen in your future. This gift gives symbols that show clues to your situation and also signs that can actually tell a story of your life at an early time.

Of course, there are other modalities of psychic abilities called clairaudience and is the sense of hearing messages and clairsentience is the sense of feelings including pain, anger, fear, happiness, joy and much more. They certainly play a keen part into any reading when they show up.

Be prepared for a reading of meaningful situations and leave with a mindfulness in your life moving forward.

Medium Readings

My first experience with the Spirit worlds as a young girl having visions of those who have passed from this earth and living in the afterlife. Shadows was a normal way of life for me and as this gift grew it allowed me to have visual contact with the Spirit world.

I also developed the ability to hear messages from those in the afterlife feeling their emotions tied to their passing and the beloved left behind. Time has grown for me in this exciting gift and I continued connecting to these beautiful souls, giving their loved ones here on Earth the opportunity for them to know they continue to live on in the presence of our loving God.

This reading will allow you to ask questions and for them to communicate with you. They are in a place of pure bliss and are not tied to the drama that is experienced here on Earth and will only want to talk about their new home and let you know they are fine. They do keep up with you and are genuinely interested in your well-being as they do choose to visit with you.


30 minute reading Price: $90.00 This reading can cover quite some ground if you don’t have a multitude of questions. It is also a great time for previous clients needing follow-up questions.

1 hour reading Price: $180.00 This reading is recommended for first time clients and covers a broad spectrum of issues and direction. This reading can also get in touch with that someone special from the other side.

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