Margaret Selby

Hello and Welcome!

As a professional natural born clairvoyant intuitive psychic reader AND medium (yes, all of that) I have information at any level of interest you may have.

  • Want to know what it means to be “all of that?”
  • Need help choosing a psychic that will be right for you?
  • Curious about how becoming a psychic comes about?
  • Looking for inspiration to forward your own spiritual growth?

It’s all here!

My name is Margaret Selby and over the past 30 years, I have delivered psychic readings to help people all over the world discover their unique potential for happiness, health, and success. My accuracy is so well demonstrated that criminal investigators contact me to help solve cases. Often a client does not see what I tell them until time unfolds, and then there it is!

Margaret SelbyMy gift as a psychic reader allows me to share my personal insight of your soul’s imprint from the past, as well as the energy I sense of your presence, to show you a perspective on your future life – including relationships, career choices, and financial well-being. It is with your emotional presence that I am able to use my powerful intuitive energies to answer all of your pressing questions with universal truth.

As a professional (able to meet standards of ethical integrity and proven success), natural born (able to show paranormal skills at a very young age), clairvoyant (able to sense beyond average levels and capabilities), intuitive (able to know things without material evidence or logical reasoning), psychic (able to locate information beyond time and space), medium (able to speak with those who have crossed over from the physical world to the afterlife) – I can read probable future events for your life and be a messenger to reach out to your friends and loved ones on the other side. It is my greatest joy to be able to help you connect with your best destiny and/or share words of encouragement about life after death.

My psychic readings are not used for creating a space of fear or stress. It is my desire as an intuitive healer and counselor to offer a comfortable, safe environment for your own knowledge to manifest within you. I also offer chakra balancing and cleansing to achieve better health and calmness in the emotional, mental, and physical bodies, should you request it.

I experience extraordinary longevity of relationships with my clients and feel honored to be the conduit to answers and change for these beautiful souls and their interesting lives. I will continue to follow this path for all who come to experience my intuitive psychic gift.

Read ahead for helpful tips on selecting a psychic, how I grew into my psychic abilities, and messages from the other side to motivate you to step into your own greater awareness.

For the opportunity to help you find and be your best self, I thank you.