Choosing a Reader

Choosing a psychic reader can be a daunting experience. Fees and fancy websites do not promise qualified readers. I hope these few hints will help you prepare for a rewarding and helpful reading.

If you are seeking truth and direction in a reader, you should stay away from anyone who promises they can repair your love relationship or get you the job of your dreams for a fee. A gifted reader will help you gain clarity in the situations you are facing and ultimately allow you to follow your own path.

Let’s face it, we usually ask friends and family for everything, from doctors to hair stylists, and many are the right choices. So the same should hold for an intuitive reader!We are not that hard to find; many are involved in the natural healing world, metaphysical workshops, and bookstores. There may be a website or online yellow pages for those referrals, so make a point to check their names.

Know the type of reading you are seeking and ask for the fee associated with the reading you desire. A qualified reader will not change the agreed-upon fee. If you should need a short chakra balancing or prayers, it is usually done during the reading.

Fees can vary based upon the reader’s location and experience. They charge more for certain types of readings according to the depth of the session. You should be able to get a balanced reading from $150-$200 per hour. If you are being charged more, then take a close look at the total services rendered.

Websites can offer some insight into the psychic reader and should give you information about their skills and style.Remember, bells and whistles are not what you are looking for, but do read the information in their site and see if the offerings fit your needs. We all have intuition and you should trust your own insight. If you feel comfortable, call them and then make your decision.

Can you become a psychic reading “junkie”? How much is too much?It is possible to disregard your own ability to follow your gut instincts. After a while, you may decide you can’t make your own decisions. It is not our job or intention to take that precious gift away from you. A reader may choose to offer some clarity to a previous reading in one to three months. Anytime you are experiencing a life-altering situation, a call is perfectly okay. Usually, readings are beneficial two or three times a year.

Should you want to share a reading with your friends, you should let the reader know ahead of time. A reading is a very private experience and sometimes you may receive information that you do not want to share with others. Also, sharing can get complicated as the clock is ticking and your friends may have many more questions than fit their allotted time.

Always have a list of questions and understand that readings are an imprint of your current situation. Try to be relaxed and spend some quiet time before your session. Remember that your reader is getting information directly from your own energy field. If you are experiencing anxiety or anger, then it will show up in your reading! The information that comes through is not always what you may readily expect. Readings have a way of opening a whole new view of your life path. Trust in the process, as it can be a grand ride!

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