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How Goodness and Grace Can Change Your Life Inside and Out

How Goodness and Grace Can Change Your Life Inside and OutThe woman was checking her calculator to see if she had enough money to pay for her few items she had in her cart and her small son begging for a candy bar was getting louder and louder for her attention. Finishing her calculation and found she was short $8.00, she seemed distraught looking in her cart as to what to put back, all the while her child was pulling her arm to draw her attention to the candy bar he was begging for.

She started to set aside the items she did not have the money for and as the line began to move, her awareness began to focus on her small son’s candy desires. She whispered to the young child and calmly put the candy back. It was a decision that she had made many times before with her child, as the son looked up to her with tears in his eyes but seemed to understand and held his mom’s hand quietly looking at the person in line behind them.

She spoke to the cashier quietly before she began to ring up her items and the older man behind her reached over and handed the cashier his credit card and asked her to charge all of her items to his card as he gave the young boy a playful rub of his hair, handing him the candy bar he wanted so badly.

The lady placed her hands over her heart, beaming with such gratefulness that someone would help her in her time of need. She asked the man for his phone number and promised to pay him back in the next few weeks.

The gentleman told her it was his honor to buy her groceries and if she could maybe someday, just pay it forward. He quickly paid for his loaf of bread and was gone in a flash.

Was this man a special angel or someone knowing there is always a choice to create great comfort for others when you see your world with kind, loving eyes? Either way, he was her angel and a messenger to all of the souls also standing in line that afternoon getting a chance to see and feel this wonderful experience being shared by these strangers, one accepting with grace and the other giving with goodness from the heart. Living in the moment of feeling another’s needs.